Why We Need More Parks Instead of Malls 

There has never been a time where the call to make serious changes in our lifestyles is more urgent than today. Scientists present irrevocable facts that we only have a few years to reverse the damages the previous generations have done to our planet before catastrophic events hit.

Although we can’t control the anxiety and worry that dawns us whenever we hear news about the imminent destructive effects of climate change, we shouldn’t lose hope. There’s still time to make wiser decisions.

Statistics show that big corporations, like extensive shopping malls, contribute to 71% of carbon emissions. Carbon is the leading cause of the destruction of our atmosphere. With these facts, it is up to prominent business owners to commit to investing in ventures that can both keep the economy afloat and protect the planet.

Here is where parks come into play. When we look at the purpose why businessmen insist on expanding shopping malls, there’s no doubt that recreational parks can do the same thing, if not better.

Parks can save us in a lot of ways. First, it is tremendously better for our health. Parents no longer need to worry about how their children spend almost all of their time staring at touchscreens. Children, and adults alike, can stretch their muscles and get the exercise they need.

Aside from the physical satisfaction, green spaces will contribute positively to our mental well-being. Whenever our eyes grow tired of the dull, repetitive environment we deal with in our offices, a short walk on the park and a breath of fresh air make a big change in our perspective.

Since we’ve talked about how parks can attract families in the neighborhood, we also have to mention how creating these recreational spaces can bring the community together and provide a center where social interaction can happen. Children can meet and play with each other to sharpen their communication skills and sensitivity. Even dogs can interact with their fellow fur friends! While malls suggest moving at your own pace, parks are a great tool in encouraging communal activities.

Another advantage that parks can give us are trees. No need to say how much in dire need we are of trees. These trees can provide oxygen, not to mention cleaner air, and decrease the scorching temperatures we are experiencing today.

Urban heat island effect pertains to the effect of crawling flat, dark surfaces predominant in cities. With more trees planted and improved vegetation among these areas, this effect can be reduced.

And since we are on the topic of trees, their efficiency in dealing with rain water should be discussed as well. . Unpaved ground allows storm water to infiltrate and can absorb faster. While sewers and ditches are helpful in providing paths for water to flow in, trees and grass are much cheaper and effective in this job.

Corporations worry about losing profit when it comes to making green changes but creating park spaces can actually help the economy in more ways than we know. Parks can be venues for events, and can be used as a marketing tool for businesses since more people will prefer to go here.


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