Millennial venues for parties: Patios with pergolas, rooftops and parks


If you are excited about the parties, and your greatest wish is for all your family members and friends attend, then we’ve got a surprise for you. These days many celebrations are taking place in a more modern environment. Some may even call it non-traditional or millennial feels.

There are two types of function venues the first one is the traditional kind which takes places inside big rooms. Convention centres, multipurpose halls and the like, and there is a stricter dress code for the guests.

The second type of party venue is an informal one. This is done less traditionally with little or no formalities. Besides, it remains to be in fashion and loved by most couples.

This means and that most of the activities are done casually.

Without following any criteria. The venues you can decide to select include but not limited to:

  1. A private home.

You can decide to avoid the enormous hassle and select one of your homes, either a close friend or your parents.

Its very budget friendly and makes one feel significantly comfortable.

If you think space is not enough, can decide to have an open house party. This can be placed in the back yard one of the open places. A patio with pergola would be perfect as an altar and decorate it with flowers, lights and drapes. Place some suitable furniture and decorate as desired to bring the atmosphere to life.

  1. Decide somewhere outdoors.

Outside, the open environment remains to be loved by couples for any event.

You need to identify a place more spacious and relaxing. You can consider having fun with some open-air activities.

You can engage another by kicking a ball, playing croquet, and relaxing on a picnic blanket.

If the local park has enough and if the party goes on till late night beautify the space with twinkle lights. This can be easily done with a pergola or patio like roofing. You can even put on some colourful hanging fabrics to have a makeshift roof if it’s too sunny.

  1. Select an unusual environment

Go for a quiet place so that you can find time to express to others what you have. You can decide on a beach setup if its summertime or late spring.

Move to the rooftop if your house can accommodate your group of friends. Pop up some champagne have a light snack and just relax under the heavens.

If your more of the adventurous type you can even go sailing. You should captivate your visitor’s memories. Give them ideas that they had never thought of.


Doing things traditionally sometimes is underrated, but when it comes to a celebration, it is the best way to go.

Not only does it work on the cutting down of costs, but it helps create lasting memories. These also help prepare the couple on the life to be ahead of them.

Go for those grey areas when planning for engagement or your wedding or any other event. Be more creative on such a day and select what is friendly to you.

Plan for simple things and don’t sweat too much on details.


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