What Makes the Best Turf Supplier in Sydney

Margaret Pruitt May 22, 2019
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Hi Quality Turf is one of the leading family operated company in Australia which specializes in Lawn Supplies. They have been providing reliable and specialized services since 1974. It is situated at Pitt Town Bottoms approximately 60km west of Sydney.

Growing a comprehensive range of turf varieties for you to pick, a team of professionals will lead you to their in-house turf display and let you enjoy the beauty and feel of their grass varieties. Deliveries are available six days a week with usually 24 – 48 hrs notice is required for delivery, they also welcome farm pick-ups. If unfavourable situations occur after they install your new lawn, they provide step by step guide on fixing it.

Hi Quality Turf offers residential turfs for lawn, playground, dish drains to commercial turfs for parks, sporting fields, amenity areas, roadsides, schools golf courses and many more. They stock varieties of excellent quality turf like buffalo grass and the Empire Zoysia, Kikuyu varieties and Couch varieties. They can provide services on everything from grass selection to laying techniques and maintenance.

What makes the best “Turf Supplier”:

  • Great service and professionalism
  • Superior quality turf every time
  • Delivery 6 days a week
  • Fast turnaround
  • Onsite expert advice
  • Free follow up guidance
  • In-house turf display
  • An extensive range of variety selection

Environmental benefits of using natural grasses:
Cooling the backyard. The typical house yard has a cooling function equivalent to 9 tonnes of air conditioning. If you want to know more visit https://hiqualityturf.com.au.

Air and Water Filter and Purifier. Natural lawn lowers contamination by functioning as a natural filter and cleansing the water travelling through its root systems.
Turf likewise soaks up toxins from the air, such as co2 and sulphur dioxide. A yard, separates carbon more effectively and flexibly than trees, giving up more oxygen and continuing to do so at CO2 concentrations trees can’t deal with.

Managing Allergens. Another factor in utilizing natural grass is to lower irritants that trigger hayfever. The grass is excellent for allergic reaction control, trapping pollen from plants along with around 12 million tonnes of dirt and dust from the air, cleaning up the environment and assisting you in breathing simpler.

Lowering Erosion. A thick yard is a reliable expense method of lowering soil disintegration by as much as 95%. Natural grass battles disintegration by securing soil from heat, wind, and rain, and holding topsoil in a location with thick root systems.

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