How to Clean Motorised Blinds

Technology is what makes the world go round these days. Smartphones now function like mini supercomputers. You can send emails using your dishwasher and your car can notify you if it needs a tune-up. You see, almost everything around you is being driven by technology. In fact, even your windows are made high-tech with the introduction of motorised blinds.

Advantages of Motorised Window Treatments  

How many times have you been annoyed with your old window shades that don’t hang evenly no matter how much you try to make them look perfect? Do you always think that your shades have already been locked in place only to discover that they crashed down minutes after you stepped away from your windows? You can now say goodbye to these worries when you got motorised coverings for your windows. For these, you need a reliable motorised blinds installation services. But once they are set, you don’t need to think much about them anymore.

When your covers can be automatically raised and lowered, this motorization will make you enjoy energy-efficiency, safety, and convenience as you no longer have to stand on your couch trying to reach for that drawstring again and again.

But, these automatic shades are just like any other types of window covers. They can also get dusty and dirty like other fixtures in your home and you have to clean them as needed. Never let your lack of knowledge and poor habits of cleaning cause a negative effect on your window treatments.

There are several simple tips you should follow to properly clean your motorised window covers:

Clean with lamb wool.

One of the best ways to ensure that your motorised window treatments are always spotless and clean is to dust them on a regular basis. Avoid using regular plastic duster. Instead, invest in a duster made from lamb wool. Use this to work across slats if you have a Venetian-type treatment then make your way downwards. With this, you can be sure that you will catch falling dust if there is any.

Make the most out of the brush attachment.

If your motorised blinds are made from fabric, you need to clean them using your vacuum. It doesn’t mean, though, that you have to lug that big vacuum over your head! Use a brush attachment for the vacuum as it will let you reach those corners and spots near the ceiling and suck out dust and dirt from the fabric more effectively.

Rubber sponge is your best friend.

Rubber sponge or also called dry sponge is a product available at local hardware stores. The tool is effective when it comes to removing dust and dirt from vinyl and fabric motorised window treatments. You don’t have to wet the sponge or add soap. All you have to do is wipe it across the window covers.

Avoid soaking.

It doesn’t matter what type of window cover you have. You should never directly spray cleaners or soak them. If you ever need to do a spot treatment or you want to wet the wooden covers to facilitate easier dusting, a damp towel can do the trick. Avoid applying water directly to your motorised blinds.





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