Do’s and Don’ts for Forklift Battery

A forklift battery usually lasts a single-shift operation for 5 years. Proper care and maintenance may extend the battery life for 10 years. You can prolong the life of your forklift battery through keeping the following do’s and don’ts in mind when operating, handling, and charging it:


  • Always Charge Your Battery Completely

A forklift battery has limited charges, which may be around 1500. It does not also distinguish between full charging and half charging. Charging your forklift battery partially uses up a charge from the bank.

  • Recharge Your Forklift Charge When It Reaches 20% to 30%

When the battery of your forklift hits the red zone and there is only 20 percent remaining, discontinue using it. Once you continue using it, this can have a negative effect on forklift battery’s lifespan. Moreover, deep-discharging may cause electrical components to damage and overheat your lift truck.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperature

Forklift battery life may be reduced by as much as 50% once the ambient temperature reaches ninety-two degrees. At the spectrum’s other end, the performance of the battery will drop 30% once the temperature reaches thirty degrees. Once your forklift runs in extreme temperatures, you can use the battery made for such conditions.


  • Do NOT Charge the Forklift Battery During Lunch Breaks

Quick charging or opportunity charging can shorten the lifespan of a forklift battery. You can think of this like a battery with 1500 charges in it. Once it is charged often, the quicker it would get used up. To make most out of the forklift battery, consider charging it completely and don’t interrupt the charging cycle.

  • Do NOT Swap Forklift Batteries Mid-Shift

The perfect time to charge forklift batteries is at 20% to 30%. Charging the battery with 50% to 60% left in its charge is throwing away sandwiches half-eaten. You have spent a charging cycle already, so make sure to use the entire thing.

Things to Consider When Maintaining Your Forklift Battery

The maintenance of forklift battery is easy according to You should check the water once weekly and clean the top regularly. But, when you are doing the maintenance, make sure that you are doing it right and properly. Proper maintenance is important for safety and this will extend your battery’s life.

You must wear protective gear and follow the recommendations of OSHA. Batteries often contain sulfuric acid, which is a chemical that may cause severe burns. If you follow the recommendations and you are wearing the right protective gear, you can do the maintenance safely.

Using warm water or battery cleaner will help you clean the top of the battery every month. Chemical buildup may result to tray corrosion and can void the warranty of the manufacturer.

Aside from that, you should not attempt to pick up forklift batteries. These may weigh up to 3000 pounds and no single team or people must attempt to lift forklift batteries. You must use the right equipment like pallet jack equipped with transfer carriage.

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